Instructions for Live Sessions

Instructions for Live Sessions

Prepare for your Session

Technical briefing

Please, make sure to attend one of the relevant technical briefings for your session.

Following the technical briefings, please review the instructions below.

Round Table

Live / Pre-recorded with Live Q&A

Workshops / Special Interest Sessions

PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines

  • Please note that your slides must be finalised and ready on the day of your session. No specific template is required however, make sure to follow the guidelines below.
  • Please ensure that the presentation slide deck is 16:9.
  • The first slide of your presentation must be your name and presentation title. The second slide should be the disclosure slide. If you have nothing to disclose, please add “No Disclosures”. You can download a template here.
  • We recommend that you label all slides that include unpublished data with a title: “UNPUBLISHED DATA – DO NOT COPY OR DISTRIBUTE”.
  • Please keep the top right corner of your slides, free from title, text or images, as well as the bottom right corner (to avoid being hidden by your camera and other images).
  • Click here to read tips and recommendations for preparing your presentation.

Live Session

As the date of the live session approaches, you will receive a unique link to enter the live session. You will also receive a reminder of the instructions of how to participate and give your lecture / participate in the session. At the end of the live session, delegates will be able to submit their questions via chat and the chairperson will lead a live Q&A session involving all the speakers.

Ahead of the session please arrange to have:

  • An external microphone connected to your computer. Alternatively, you can use the internal microphone of your laptop/computer.
  • Please use a computer with a functional webcam (the laptop internal webcam is fine).
  • Please select a quiet and uniform background. Avoid using artificial background features.
  • Stable internet connection. We recommend using a wired internet connection (please avoid Wi-Fi connection). The minimum connectivity should be 40 megabits (mbps). You can easily check your internet speed via the following link:

Publication Consent Form

You have received login details to access and complete a Publication Consent Form – it is MANDATORY to complete this consent form if you would like to participate as a speaker in this congress. Please complete this prior to your session.
Please note that your presentation will be accessible from the virtual platform during and 3 months after the congress, to all participants of the Virtual Conference.